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Building our future

In the midst of a global population boom and catastrophic climate change, you have been appointed captain of Universal Space Station.

Your mission: deliver a sustainable solution to global starvation. Our future lies in your hands.

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Facilitate Ground-breaking Research

Be the first to grow a multitude of crops in space and direct the Universal Space Station’s vital research.

Create a Self-Fulfilling Infrastructure

Create our new dawn by crafting a self-fulfilling space station, capable of food growth.

Secure Our Survival

Oxygen, water, power or crew members, your handling of each core space station resource impacts the others.

Plan and Design Your Station

The world is in your hands – you must find a sustainable solution to human starvation.

Latest News

Cutting Edge Technology

Can humans use technology to solve the problems they face?

Humanitarian Needs vs Capitalist Goals

Can you balance the commercial goals of your superiors with the needs of humanity?

Our Future Lies in Your Hands

It is time to take your place as the captain of Universal Space Station.